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What a wonderful day to take a walk in the wild lands, maybe I can find myself a nice buck to shoot with my bow. Fresh meat is what Alserian wants for dinner. Then it hit him. I have not seen any deer in the wild lands for ages, just diseased bear and overgrown spiders. Well I guess that crunchy spider legs will have to do. After the long boat ride from Old Tarantia I must stop at the local pub and get a drink.


After Alserian threw back a few he wondered out the front gate making sure to tell the guard he was headed towards teso. It is very dangerous out there the guard reminded him. I know kind sir said Alserian and off he went hiding in the shadows of the trees that over grew the cliffs and cast shadows down on the road. It was around mid afternoon when he reached the out skirts of Teso. My Mitra what has happened here, what are those wild beast and what happen to the town. Its in ruins all the homes are abandoned the stable has no more horses. I must slay these beast, maybe I can stop them from going further north. Alserian pulls back the string of his bow this time it seems harder his hands are shaking maybe from drink or from fear. I must aim true…..Blam the arrow hit’s the darkened beast right between the eyes. Luckily for Alserian no other beast saw. Now is a good time to change my position he thought to himself. With a quick look around like that of a skilled hunter he spots the windmills to the west high upon a knoll. Just at that moment he here’s an awful most blood curdling scream come from one of the beast. They found his kill. They still have not spotted him, quickly he makes a fast dash to the windmill. I will sneak up to the top and take position for some more beast slaying. As he makes his way inside dusty crates lined the wall. Hugh! Dust I hate dust when its this thick I can taste it, feel it. The stairs where are they. Ah! Finally I must hurry I can here those noisy beasts out there. Alserian makes his way up the stairs walking threw cobwebs that must have been here for weeks now. I wonder why the guard didn’t tell me about this. I must ask him when I get back. Where’s the damn trap door to the top floor. Buy all the power of Mitra and even Crom let me find it. Thunk Thunk Ah got it.Alserian opens the trap door and starts to climb out to the crows nest on top when thud! He is hit in the back of the head and goes unconscious.

Ahggg Its cold oh so cold, my head its throbbing am I dead? Alserian opens his eyes. Its dark out what happen where’s my bow. Ah there it is. What knocked me out, it must have been the door that damn Hyborian oak is hard. Well lets see it must be around midnight what are these beast up too. Oh no! There are more then before. I must get back to the town and warn the folks. I must find my long lost brother an Aqualonian assasin. My long lost friend from the north a great shaman by the name of Mohan. A fearless lady warrior by the name of Erosola. I must unite the tribes of Hyboria.

Come one. Come all. From all the Tribes must gather the warriors to defeat this threat and all the threats from all regions. We shall defeat the pic’s in the north. The beast in the east and any that stand between us and what’s rightfully ours! And they may ask what is yours Alserian and I shall respond nothing is mine alone. It is what is ours what belongs to all the Tribes of Hyboria freedom from oppression and from tyranny!

Gather warriors join my clan join the Tribes of hyboria.



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Alserian, Feb 1, 10 6:11 PM.
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